Old Spice Wolfthorn deodorant review

Sunday was one of my favorite kind of days. One of those early summer sizzlers, a lazy day that combines one part lounging, and one part good company. It also gets the bonus of a short trip to the local drugstore for a heavenly browse of all the new summer products I drool over during my regular Youtube beauty binges. Of course I need another highlight for my cheekbones! The other two were getting lonely!
While browsing the endless shelves of bottles, goos and powders, I bumped into my significant other (let’s call him K) who seemed particularly concentrated on the two red tubes in hand.
 Upon closer inspection, he explained that he was perplexed by all the manly scents, from mountain mist to Possum bite. His very structured routine; that of matching his deodorant and body sprays, had been frazzled. His scent wasn’t available in the body spray. WHAT TO DO?
I have never spent that much time smelling deodorant, never mind men’s deodorant.  We explored the Nocturnal Creatures line by Old Spice. I was obviously baffled by the names, Foxcrest, Hawkridge and Wolfthorn. What should these even smell like? Does nocturnal have a scent?
Now I can’t say much about Hawkridge and Foxcrest, as their scents, although not in any way bad, didn’t compell me nearly as much as Wolfthorn. The scent caught me off guard. Men’s deodorant can smell like this?! Who knew! Now I’m no scent description specialist, but this is my take on it. The scent is a soft, sweet, slightly fruity scent. It’s not necessarily feminine, as it does have a tinge of cologne to it. The formula is a gel, and dries quickly, leaving the skin soft and smooth.
I loved it so much I threw it in my basket and made him pick another one. I honestly can’t even tell you which scent he went with; I was too excited with my new find.
Have you explored with new deodorant scents recently? Let me know what works for you.


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