DIY Custom makeup brush tips!

I own more makeup brushes then I care to admit. As a student with a very low budget when it comes to this kind of frivolity, my priorities could definitely be put to question. Nonetheless, my jars are filled to the brim with blending brushes, liners, blush brushes, and that big fancy fan brush, the use for which I am still unaware.

I have brought my brushes with me various times, getting ready for a night out or getting a friend ready for an event, and have made a very conscious effort to keep them separated from the others. I felt like a brush supervisor; “No that side of the sink is for my brushes!”

A few months ago I was scrolling through Pinterest, as one does, and came upon a post in which a woman had painted the tips of her brushes with nail polish. The idea seemed slightly silly at first, but the following weeknight I found myself reaching for the polish.

 Here’s how I did it:
1.       Wipe down your brushes, removing any makeup particles on the handles
2.       Using scotch tape, try to make a straight line around the brush, marking how high you want the polish to go
3.       Apply a thin layer of colorful nail polish. I used colors that I knew were pigmented and would cover the black handles
4.       Once the first coat is dry, apply a second if necessary
5.       Cover color nail polish with glitter or shimmer polish. I tried to mix the colors and glitters to make interesting textures and effects
6.       Add a layer of clear top coat for staying power
7.       Place brushes in a cup, bristles down, and let dry for approximately one hour

Here’s the final product! I did this project about four months ago and the polish is still holding strong, with little to no chipping. I’ve enjoyed the added pop of color to my daily routine as well as being able to easily identify them when mixed with other people’s brushes.

Have you come up with any other methods for easily identifying your brushes?

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