Bedroom organisation

Caroline — 

I’m one of those people that aren’t necessarily clean freaks, but when things get too cluttered, I 

start avoiding the space entirely or feel overwhelmed by it. I’ve been tweaking the organization 
in my bedroom for the past few years to try and minimize the imminent laundry pile up and usual misplacement of everyday objects. Here’s how I did it:

My bedroom has four main zones, excluding my bed which I didn’t include in the pictures. 

1. This library is where I keep my fiction based books, light reads, as well as a few other things such as my stationary, a few odd seasonal decorations, a strange collection of Bath & Bodyworks Warm Vanilla Sugar hand sanitizer that my mother keeps getting me for Christmas (mom stop!) and a Nerf gun for the occasional ninja-spy moment. This area is generally depicts my creative side and some of my general interests. The flowers and vase are from Ikea, the military first-aid kit is from Princess Auto. I also keep my Scentsy warmer plugged year round, it currently has the Lime scent melting.

2. Night sand. I’ve always struggled to make this little space as functional as possible since my room is low on space. I keep whatever current book I’m reading, a touch lamp, box of tissues and a canvas I painted a few years back on the top part. In the drawer is a messy mix of body lotions and moisturisers that seem to keep appearing after every Christmas, as well as my Scentsy cubes. The bottom part stores my nail polish collection which I will share on a later post. On the floor is my handy dandy phone charger.

3. This second library holds my college and university books, diplomas, albums and a few recipe related documents. On top is a box in which I keep any receipts that I think would be important to hang on to, as well as a Jones soda bottle (I was obsessed with these in my teens) and yet another canvas I did a few years back. Above the library is my dear cork board, filled with various memory related items: movie stubs, thank you cards, important forms, etc. I plan on creating a memory album soon enough so that I can clear up the board and use it in a more organized fashion. Beside the bookshelf is my handy dandy printer that happens to scan and photocopy as well. I call it old faithful, since I’ve had it since 2009 and have never had an issue with it, other then keeping up with those darned expensive ink cartridges. Underneath that is a storage section to my desk. The military ammunition box is filled with video games, the floral box below holds all my electronics and related accessories.

4. The other side of my desk stores my make up and the two lower drawers hold my important 
legal documents. I also keep two cardboard boxes with pay stubs and other documents that 
aren’t necessarily important but that I want to keep long term. I find that this corner is sort of 
awkward, I haven’t been able to come up with a clever solution that allows me to have a large 
mirror without robbing me of my desk space. For now, I’m using this old three-way folding 
mirror which, oddly enough, I found in the crawl space in our basement when we moved in.

My bedroom has limited space, although, given that I have a walk-in closet (later post on how I keep that organized), I don’t need to make room for a dresser. I try and make the best of the space that I have, storage being the main solution. Keeping the clutter in pretty boxes or behind drawers keeps everything looking sleek and neat.

Dominique — 

Since I currently live in a bachelor apartment with next to no storage space, I’ve had to organize myself in a way that I could utilize every inch if possible. 

My dresser contains pretty much the typical items: underwear, casual tops, casual bottoms and some purses and bags. I utilized the top of my dresser as my vanity station as my bathroom is quite small and could not fit all the products I have. Both the dresser and the pink makeup organizer are from IKEA. 

My desk is a recycled IKEA desk that was transformed to shape my needs. I’ve painted it white to go with my “decor” and added some shelving on the side. The top shelf contains legal documents and planning and creative binders (I’ll do a post about those later on). The bottom shelf contains a black IKEA skubb which holds school/office supplies. Above my desk is my Happy Board – it contains lovely memories as well as my blogging schedule. (Once I go back to school, that schedule will be there as well) In the corner beside the lamp, the two drawer container has my sticky note collection as well as my colored markers and pens. The file holder has my journal, some printables, sudoku puzzles and my to-do lists. 

My closet is pretty much the main attraction of the bedroom. It’s also the sole divider between my living room and my bedroom. Section one contains my work clothes, dresses, sweaters, belts and scarves. On its door are my necklaces. Section 2 is my linen, blanket and towel closet. 

I put a mirror against the locked door that leads to the upstairs home so just it wouldn’t be too noticeable. 

My nightstand contains some jewelry and decorations on the top. The first shelf hides my tissue box and some knick-knacks, and as for the second shelf, you can find my nail polish collection with the removers and pads. The bottom drawer is where I hide my souvenirs. I use it mostly as a junk drawer. 

To give you a bit of a feel as to how I created the room, here are some pictures taken when I was standing in my (imaginary) doorway.


What obstacles do you have to face when organizing your bedroom? Storage, space, style, let us know!

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