Top 4 date ideas!


We love keeping it simple. No longer in our days of chasing bands or partying until our heads spin, who am I kidding, I never did that; we tend to keep our dates pretty low profile and intimate.

1. BBQ and a movie. He loves grilling meat, I love sipping drinks on the patio while he does so. Everybody wins! We have this at least once a month. We hit up a grocery store or market and buy fresh veggies, a nice cut of meat and a treat for later during the movie. While he grills with a beer in hand, I mix up some sort of a cocktail and cook the vegetables. We gather with full plates and watch any movie, it rarely matters. (I’m currently obsessed with the Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black”, he’s been won over) We always end up cuddling, and enjoying that snack (late night nachos anyone?) before passing out in pure happiness (and slight bloat)

2. We spend many a weekend at the family cottage together, surrounded by family, friends, and never ending birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more. We like to sneak out with a backpack filled with water bottles, protein bars, sunscreen and a camera, and go for a hike. It can be for twenty minutes or three hours, depending on the weather and our schedule. Time together in the mountains is always a joy; time to talk about everything and anything and, my favourite part, sharing silence. It sounds cheesy, but after a few hours of explaining to every aunt and uncle my supposed future plans for life, peace and quiet is a blissful thing. Make sure to bring solid shoes and proper sun protection for optimal experience! We tend to bring the dog along, he makes for  funny conversation starters and loves the exercise as much as we do!


Although I used to be a party animal and spend pretty much all my savings on going out, I’ve changed a whole lot since moving to Toronto on my own. I can now officially say that I am a home body and would much rather do a Netflix binge than go out binge drinking. Not that I’m against it or think I’m better than those who do. I would honestly, just prefer watching a good movie and have a good intimate conversation with a glass of wine with M in the comfort of my own home. However, I do get these moments when I can’t wait to be outdoors and see what this world has to offer.

1. Picnics in the park: I’m extremely lucky to live in a beautiful neighbourhood with lots of green spaces and parks. I find that picnics are pretty ideal for a lazy Sunday or a great break from the hustle and bustle of Saturdays. We pack homemade sandwiches, buy some tortilla chips and dip, cut some seasonal veggies and bring refreshing drinks. We also normally take a soccer ball or a Frisbee with us to give us some kind of activity. I also love to read, so I bring a book for when we just want to chill out.

2. Date night in the City: I think the best dates M and I have been on are the ones where we go out to dinner downtown. We like trying something different every week and sometimes like to find little cafes and just people watch. We’re obsessed with people watching. I’m not sure why, we just enjoy seeing that other people are doing the exact same thing as we are. Just the other night, we went to dinner at Milestones and ate on the patio. Once we were done, we still had an hour left until our movie started, so we walked to some benches that were located across the street and just sat there and looked at the world rush around us while we stood still. I kind of like it.

There are so many options for all different types of tastes and budgets. What are some of your date night ideas? Feel free to share by emailing or commenting below!


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