Korres Wild Rose instant brightening eye treatment review

I’ve been on the hunt for an eye cream ever since I got my hands on the Burts Bees Radiance eye cream. I use it for night and love the results. I was a woman obsessed, and just absolutely had to have a day cream for my tender under eye area. Off to Sephora I went, determined to procure an effective eye cream that would make me look like I’m thirteen again. (minus the braces) 

While the salesperson was schmoozing me into a ridiculously priced eye cream, K was messing around with Sephora’s computers that you can use on location to browse products and conduct a search according to your needs. While the salesperson left me with the overpriced product in hand, he led me to the Korres shelf and pointed out this jewel. What a relief. 

No, this wasn’t cheap. $45.00 CAD was a pretty big price for .51 fl ounces of goop, but it’s my goop and I love it. 

This eye cream is absolutely wonderful. I use it every morning and it’s worked wonderfully in partnership with my night cream in brightening my under eye area and giving the skin a smoother, more youthful look.

The product does not have any distinct rose scent, don’t let the name fool you. However, I prefer no scent for face products, it can be very overwhelming. The texture is very light, and you need very little product to cover the area. It absorbs into the skin almost instantly, so there’s no wait time necessary before applying makeup.

All in all, this is a definite winner in my skin care drawer and I’d be ready to cover the price tag again when I run out. 


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