We heart our puppies!

Look at that puppy! (Kaiser)


I love animals. Whether it is a giraffe or a rabbit, I love them. However, I’m a total sucker for dogs. I have two. Chico, the 7 month old Labra doodle lives with my mom and Kaiser, my 4 year old pure bred Weimereiner lives with my dad.
Kaiser comes from an old crusty and abusive shelter. (It eventually got shut down) I remember getting him at 6 months old and poor guy was sick as could be. He had intense separation anxiety and hated feet like you could not believe. He also couldn’t sleep. I remember sitting next to him and singing to him just so he would fall asleep. He’s still nervous with some people, but he’s so loyal towards us.

He sits on his butt and takes naps like this.

My dad doesn’t have any other kid, which means that since day 1, Kaiser has been the baby of the family. To give you an idea, Kaiser has a Coach collar, which he got for Christmas and gets so much affection. He also gets food (Seriously, so overweight) 

He knows quite a few tricks like high five, jump, roll and spin. I also trained him to go outside in the backyard for a quick pee. We still have a lot to work on with Kaiser and I’ve been watching a billion videos of Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer and Cesar:911. I hope that when I get back I’ll be able to rehabilitate Kaiser to having a healthy and calm-submissive life without him being so nervous all the time. 

Curious Chico


Chico is really like a child at this point. He’s still a pup (7 months) and so excited with life. He loves to jump and lick and just sit with you. There really never is a dull moment with him. He’s a Labradoodle, although to me, he looks more like a Goldendoodle. I think he’s a great addition to the family and of course still needs to be trained, but he’s such a kind soul. I honestly can’t wait to spend more time with my puppies when I get back! 

Sometimes mornings are just ruff.

Ahh pets! I too consider myself an animal lover, with a tender spot for large breed dogs. At home however, we have the world’s most personable Shih-Tzu, filled with attitude and a strong loathing for anything that beeps; Lily. She’s my mother’s 12 year old lap dog that dominates the house and lives for car rides.

Our relationship consists of me putting her in her crate every night (otherwise she doesn’t sleep and just roams around) and her patting me on the knee whenever she wants to be put outside. I must say, for an old fart, she is in great shape. The only sign of her age is her terrible breath; otherwise she still spends hours outside enjoying naps and terrorising neighbours through the fence.
Here she is, very concerned that I might waste the food in my plate.
She’s so caring!
Although she’s definitely my mother’s dog, we still have our rare little moments when she comes to cuddle with me (this happened max 3 times) and she has this adorable habit of lying next to my door whenever I’m getting ready to go somewhere.  She also loves licking the water off the side of the tub when you take a bath.
She’s also recently developed an absolute fear of having her picture taken. The moment you point a camera or your phone towards her, she does everything to flee. We have no idea why this happened; she used to be the most photogenic dog around. Love this puppy!
Here she is on her 12th birthday, avoiding the camera.

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