Cleaning those make-up brushes! Top tips and How-to!

Haven’t we all lived through this dreadful moment: You’re determined to rock a smoky eye for tonight’s
hot date, or trip to Subway, whichever. You reach for that dark bristled brush, swirl it into that dreamy
white highlight colour and apply to your brow bone and BAM! A nice dark brown smudge on your face, of
course I didn’t wash my brush. My face is ruined and I might as well call it a night.
Cleaning your make-up brushes can make a world’s difference when it comes to the application process, as well as the final look to any trendy eye make-up. It also avoids minor tantrums and deadline setbacks. I’ve researched different methods and have come up with a few basic tips for keeping those tools in tip top shape.
1. Use these steps:

 Rinse with cold water (bristles ALWAYS pointing down)**
Wash with cleanser
Rinse thoroughly (bristles pointing down again)
Wipe on towel using brush appropriate motion (back and forth or circular)
Rest flat to dry

2. Use a gentle soap. I’ve seen products ranging from baby shampoo, to Bath&Bodyworks foaming hand soap, to olive oil. Whatever you have on hand really. I had Bath&Bodyworks’ Market Peach foam hand soap; It’s gentle enough for the brushes and leaves them smelling delicious!


3. When rinsing the brushes, it’s VERY important that you always point the bristles down. Holding

a wet brush bristles-side up will encourage water to get into the handle and eventually rot the
wood, leaving you with a surprise a few weeks later when the brush snaps in half.
4. Before leaving the brushes to dry, I like to reshape them to their original shape. This is mostly
for my bigger brushes.

5. As far as frequency, it all depends on how much and how often you use your make-up brushes.
I tend to wash my everyday brushes (for example foundation, concealer and blending shadow
brushes) every other week. As for the rest of them, I tend to do it once a month.

6. When it comes to washing my smaller brushes, I tend to assemble those similar in shape and do them all at once, saving myself a good five minutes.



A regular cleansing routine keeps your brushes from getting all sticky and clumpy. As well as avoiding those color disasters after attempting a bold look the night before.


** Keep those bristles pointing down at all times. I had to learn this the hard way. If you let water up into the base of the bristles, it can mess up the bristle shape and rot the wood in the handle, and have then entire head of the brush fall off. Considering how expensive some of these brushes can be, I take this tip to heart.
I’d love to hear your tips when it comes to cleaning your make-up brushes!


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