Girls night. What people think we do vs What we really do

Oh the glorious Girls Night, could we really survive without it?

What people think we do

Pillow fights

As much as I’d enjoy whacking the bejeesus out of my best friend, I’m not sure I’d enjoy being beaten by a cotton stuffed pillow. Can you imagine if that stuff was filled with memory foam? An imprint of my shocked face still fresh in the pillow? No thank you.

Gossip all night

Ok fine, this one is true. From the moment we meet to the moment we say goodnight, we’ll chat our heads off. Everything and anything will be discussed, generally down to the gory details. We talk about friends, family, partners, pets, world events, and last weeks embarrassing conversation with the Tim Horton’s cashier. Nothing is off limits, the more private the better. WARNING, details can be excessive when accompanied with wine.

Do each others hair/make-up.

Lies. Unless we are getting ready to go out, there probably isn’t even a drop of makeup on our faces; Messy-bun optional. Girls night is a night to be yourself, without any pressure to appear a certain way. Not only is makeup nowhere near our faces, it is frowned upon. You will be judged. On-screen Gerard Butler prefers you “au-naturel” anyways.

Get Drunk and party.

If by party you mean be in sweat pants with an exfoliating mask and binge on Netflix, sure. Seriously though, if we’ve made the time to see each other, it’s cause we want to spend that time actually being intellectually present with one another to have decent conversations. 

What we really do

Copious amounts of food. 

Candy Salad. Deeeeelicious!

C – Depending on the time of year, such as mid-terms, finals, holidays, long weekend, there will be food, and maybe even a theme. like “Let’s eat so much we can’t walk” or “Let’s make a fruit platter and not touch it!” and so on. 

D – Candy Salad also became famous on girls night. It’s really easy. Buy everyone’s favorite candy and mix. Oh! and good looking cheese platters that are 25$ a pop. Right Caro? 

Movie marathons. 

C – Watch the entire Harry Potter collection in two days? Challenge accepted. Watch Friends and know all the punchlines by heart? Consider it done. If anything, it becomes background noise to conversation, but it’s an essential part of any girls night. 

D – There’s also the odd time where we splurge and go to the movies together. But only for movies we really want to see and will not see with anyone else. Example? Clash of the Titans and the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey. 


Circa 2007

Cheap therapy.

C –  I say it every time I get some girl time. There is nothing better then having a few hours where no cars, tools or boys are present. As much as I love my time with the boys, there’s something so easy about knowing what the heck people are talking about. No mention of turbos, last week’s race time, or that new car part that they ordered the other day. Simple conversations, and when surrounded with quality friends, there is no better time to ask for advice. Relationships, skin care, fashion, work related topics are best addressed here. Who better to advise you about such things then the ones who know you best?!

D – I totally agree! I love knowing that I can vent and rant on any topic without apologizing for it after. I also love knowing that whatever we discuss will stay private between us. 

Cheesy board games. 

C – Nothing is quite as nostalgic and pulling out that dusty box of LIFE, UNO, Monopoly or Mall Madness. Re-experiencing those childhood games with a glass of wine and a more mature (yeah right) perspective can be loads of fun, especially with your best buds.

D – There’s also a few card games that I’ve learned recently that I can’t wait to share with Caro. I have this strange feeling that we will be
trying them out in the near future!

Skating on Canal date 
Circa 2010


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