I’m moving!

As some of you may know, I am moving back to Ottawa to go to University. I’ve had a great time here in Toronto and there definitely are some things that I will miss dearly like the convenience of the subway and the nice beaches that surround me.

In order to make my move as efficient as possible, I’m doing it in two segments. I understand that not everyone can do this, so you can just skip to how I label my boxes and sort them.

Part 1 

During mid-July, my Dad came down with a van and we loaded up everything that I wouldn’t need for the next month. This included: my winter clothes and accessories, most of my books and DVDs, some pieces of furniture, my craft items, and some small kitchen appliances that I only used once in a while. As cool as it would have been to label everything to be able to determine where things should go, I didn’t get that luxury since everything that was moved was put in storage for now as I have some redecorating to do in my room. I used to have this bright blue wall and now I’m going to opt for a more serene look (Blush color).


Look at that blue waFirst part

Part 2 

My dad rented a small U-Haul for the ride back to Ottawa with the rest of my stuff, like my clothes, my bed, sofa, television, rest of personal items, etc. The truck has only two seats which means that I’ll be flying back down to Ottawa separately and be home before they get there so I’ll be able to help out when they do arrive.

 Sorting Boxes 

Now, although I didn’t get to label my boxes to say where they needed to go (I’ll still explain how I would do it in a bit), I still packed my things in a certain order. My books, DVDs, craft and sewing items are contained in the same boxes. My linens, pillows, towels and blankets are in the same boxes. My office items are in one box. You get my drift. Everything that belongs together goes together. I did also write down what every box contained on a piece of paper that I taped (thoroughly) on the box.

Labeling Boxes

iphone17-08 114

Labels for boxes

Had I been able to label my boxes properly, I would have used a color coding system. Every box depending on where they are going would have had a different color associated with it. For example, my room would have had a green label, my living room would have had a pink label, my basement an orange label, anything going into storage would have had a yellow label with the detailed list of its contents slipped in a plastic pouch. I find like color coding your boxes are just a clear and easy indication of where things go without having to search for that darn permanent marker writing.

*If you want to go that extra mile, you can also tape up your boxes with the specific colored tape. So if my label is blue, then I would use blue duct tape, if it’s green, then it’ll be green duct tape.

Address changes

What many of us forget when we’re moving, is to call change our addresses on important paperwork.

Here’s a list that I found that should help you! I love this list as it’s applicable for everyone in any situation. I definitely won’t have to use all of these, but for those of you who are moving with a family, then it’s great!

I’ll be keeping you guys posted on how the move goes! If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or email us at lipsticklabels@gmail.com


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