Nail polish obsession: GLITTER

I go in and out of phases where I’m utterly obsessed with nail polish one day, and then don’t wear any for three months. I’m not sure what that makes me… Anyhow! I went on a naughty lunch break shopping trip to the local drugstore and spent a decent 20 minutes scrutinizing the nail polish section. Since when are there so many brands out there? And the colors! My mind was definitely blown.

After a few pep talks and much compromising, I left with three bottles of dazzling nail lacquer.

This beauty caught my eye straight away. I’ve been eyeing Deborah DSC05753Lippmann’s Candy Shop bubblegum pink for ages, but DSC05754at a hefty $22 CAD, I’ve been holding off. This Revlon dupe, dubbed “Girly”,  was half the price and worth the compromise. Its application is flawless; two coats are all you need to get the full effect. Average drying time of approximately 5 minutes before you’re safe to re-apply or get on with your day.

*I highly suggest applying your favourite top coat over this, some of the chunkier glitter get stuck on clothes and hair, which I found to be quite irritating.

DSC05756This second lovely, had me full of “oohs” and “aahs”. Who knew my obsession with The Little Mermaid as a child would still impact me to this day? TDSC05755his appropriately named “Mermaid’s Tale” polish by Sally Hansen is simply ravishing. It does need a good shake before applying to even out the huge chunks of glitter, but the final effect is stunning. I’ve been rocking this on my toes and have re-applied twice already!

**This does need at least three coats, seeing as the application can be quite uneven.

Third is this marvel. It caught my eye (I’m beginning to realize how impulsive I am..) on the rack amid the plethora of rainbow colours. “Rebel Graffiti” by Revlon is a mix of round and sDSC05778tick shaped, black and white glitter that gives a splatter effect which I have yet DSC05780to see. The look requires at least three coats but it’s definitely worth the effort. I received so many compliments when wearing this polish, and the removal wasn’t as terrible as the other two previous colours.


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