Why I love Dollarama

For those who haven’t heard what Dollarama is, let me explain. It’s heaven. Seriously though, it’s a Canadian version of Dollar Tree or the Dollar Store. Those who know me well, know that I’m a bi-weekly shopper there. (To the point that many customers ask me if I work there) The reason for my shopping there is simply because they’ve got everything I need. They’ve even got brand names like: Lysol, Betty Crocker, Dawn and First Class just to name a few.

I’ve been so excited for this post and to share with you all the great things that Dollarama has to offer. So, let’s get started!


Cleaning section

I remember moving to Toronto for the first time and having to go pick up a few items for the house. I left the store with 100$ worth of stuff. Can you imagine how many items I had? From brooms and dish soap, to closet storage to a tool kit, they seriously have everything.


Kitchen section




The items that I mainly get at Dollarama are storage items, kitchenware and office supplies. [I remember, just last week I went to Staples and got some nice poly folder dividers (cost around 4$) and it turns out that Dollarama had them for 1.25$. I really kicked myself in the butt. (I’ll be posting about school supplies next week and show you what I’m talking about)]


Tool section



Of course the items aren’t the absolute best quality, but to be honest, it does the trick and it saves you so much money.


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