BH cosmetics haul, swatches and review: Galaxy Chic palette + 10 color palette

Look at it…LOOK AT IDSC05767T! I’d first discovered the Galaxy Chic palette while watching Samantha Schuerman’s beauty channel (she has the best reviews). Since then, I’ve been disturbed by how neutral my current eye shadow palettes were. Where are my metallics? Mint greens? Bright oranges??? Well they’re right here, riiiiiight here.

This BH Cosmetics gem has satisfied my craving for wild colors and pretty things. Here are a few swatches from the palette:


From top (right) to bottom (left):Milky Way, Neptune, Jupiter, Moon, Prometheus and Meteor.


How delish are these colors? I have to say, I was slightly concerned by how pigmented these eye shadows would be, and I was quickly settled when I first swacthed them. Although decently pigmented, most colors need to be re-applied to get a very opaque look, therefor you don’t have to worry about looking like a clown when you’re in a quick dash out the door.

Here’s a close-up of some of the colors. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the shadows, you definitely get a bang for your buck! The BH Cosmetics website ( has sales on regularly.







After all the excitement and “newness” of it all had worn off, I was left sitting at my desk staring at all these colors thinking, “What have I done? I don’t even know how to wear these!!”. Let’s all take a minute to bless the creators of Pinterest. Endless tutorials, like this one; Inner corner mint shadow  which I am rocking today! I used the meteor shade (Love it!)


Over all, I’m absolutely thrilled to have added this palette to my collection, I reach for it more then I would have thought and can’t wait to try some new looks.


This  BH Cosmetics baby was thrown into my shopping basket before I really knew it. The colors are all wearable and very different from one another, what more could one ask for? How about a great price?! Fine I’ll buy you too.





As shown by the swatches, the colors really do show up nicely on skin. Not overly pigmented, they allow you to blend without fear of looking overly blushed. Some blushes are matte, while others do have some shimmer to them. I love the fact that there are even some contour shades, rendering this palette the ultimate do-it-all blush/contour palette.


Fun little extra! Whenever I do swatches, I use my Forever 21 Green Tea Makeup Remover Tissues to quickly remove them. These wipes are genius after a long day at work or right before cleansing your face. They’re gentle on my sensitive skin and the green tea is very calming on active breakouts.DSC05777


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