Our top TV shows

S1CastOrange is the new black -I’ve only begun watching this series this summer, but you can believe that I binge-watched it and had the two entire seasons done within under a month. This Netflix original series follows a woman with a criminal past in her integration (or lack there of) into the penitential system. There is so much character depth and detail that you begin to feel for the various characters and their stories. It’s a fresh perspective into what “time” can do to a person.


Walking Dead -Being one that is all for zombies, this series holds a special place in my heart. In a world where every person is “infected” and where the dead come back to life, you follow a forever evolving group of everyday folk doing everything necessary to survive. The show has a very realistic take on humanity and our primal impulses. This show is packed with action, gore, amazing special effect makeup and an amazing story line.


gameofthrones.wikia_ Game of thrones -Unlike the two previous series, this one is definitely not based on anything near reality. Dragons, royalty, giants, undead, “The Children”, magic and mystic. It’s the ultimate fight as different plots and bloodlines cross paths, each with a sense of entitlement to the throne.  This series is filled with action, romance, gore, treason, war and revenge. It can get a little confusing, there are so many characters, families, “Houses” and such a rich history that I often refer to Wikipedia for a quick refresher before starting a season. This Game of Thrones Character Map has been one of the more relevant tools to help me understand. Time and time again, it has been proven that no character is safe, no matter how essential they may seem to the plot.  Try not to get attached to anyone…


I have this bad habit of binge watching almost anything I start. It’s really bad. The number of series I’ve completed, I don’t even want to divulge. Nonetheless, I will let you know my favourite shows out there.


Rookie Blue – My close friends know that I love cop shows. From Rizzoli & Isles to CSI I have watched a ton of cop shows. But this is by far the one show that I have watched religiously every week and anticipate every summer. Season 5 is now done, but for those who haven’t heard of this show, it’s pretty much the story of a group of Rookies who just got out of the academy and how they deal with what they were taught in real life.  Some people may hate it, I on the other hand am like a child at Christmas. I love how the show follows more of the characters and their reaction to the crimes, confrontations as well as their personal lives. I find that it gives the show depth and perspective.


The Good Wife – This show took me years to even start watching it because I thought it was something completely different. But the moment I watched the first episode I was hooked! The story is about a housewife who until recently was happily married and caring for her children. When a scandal happened, she had to take the reins and reintegrate herself in the land of the law. Looking for a place to hire her, she ends up at a firm with an old classmate. The betrayal, love, passion, humour, class and kick ass cases go from there. It’s truly a guilty pleasure to watch this gem every single week that it’s on.


Being Erica – From the looks of the picture above, this looks like a show about DID. Nope, the reason why there’s a full amount of Ericas up there is because that’s her, at different times of her life. From 1981 to 2004, she’s there in all her colours. The story line is pretty simple: Erica lives a shitty life until she’s sent to the hospital and meets her therapist. Except this therapist has the ability to make her travel in time to different stages of her life to learn various lessons. I fell in love with this show and it still holds a place dear to my heart. For me to say it changed my life, would be a correct statement. There are so many lessons for everyone to take from the show and I feel like the show really captured everything that anyone could really go through. It’s definitely a must watch!


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