School Supplies

I think it’s time that I face the music. I have a slight obsession with school supplies which goes hand in hand with my self-diagnosed OCD. Ever since I’ve been accepted into university, I’ve been planning exactly what I’ll need to stay organized in my classes.

When I was in college and all throughout high school, I used a binder for every subject. To be honest, I’m not sure what university is going to be like, so I decided to get what I thought I would be using and test different methods for school to see how that goes. By now, I know myself well enough to determine that I’m a multimodal type of person. This means that I am context specific when it comes to learning. I am mainly kinesthetic, followed by visual and then writing preference learner. Basically, this means that in class, I learn better by having paper in front of me and writing down the pertinent information. I’ve tried working with a computer, but I just find that I’m too distracted. Evidently, this doesn’t mean that I’ll never bring my computer to class, but I’ll definitely try to only use it when I really need it.

In any case, knowing what type of learner I am makes it easier for me to shop for my school supplies, because of the fact that I know what I need to keep myself organized. Some people can live off of one binder, some loose-leaf paper and a pencil. I am not one of those people. Here’s a list of supplies that I have for school.


Mechanical Pencils


Although I won’t use these often because I prefer pens, I’m sure they will come in handy at some point or another. They are the Paper Mate mechanical pencils 0.7mm. They came in various colours and frankly, they make me happy.

Colouring Pencils

Yes, I do realize I’m in university, but what if I have some colour coding to do? Or maybe I have some creative mapping to do for a project. This stuff always comes in handy. Like always.



This is one of the items that I tend to splurge on. I have many different types including BIC Velocity Bold ball pen. They basically write bigger than the normal ones. My favourite pens are probably the cheapest pens you could find – BIC Cristal. (Hey, that works for me!)

Coloured Thin Point Markers


I got these gems at Dollarama (see post on why I love this store) and they were only 3 dollars! They’re great! Pretty much all the colours you could want! They’re great for writing in a planner or if you want to write notes. Do be mindful though, depending on the thickness of the paper, they can sometimes bleed through.



Ah the famous highlighters! I have two different sizes for two different reasons. The small ones come with me to school (mostly because they fit in the pencil case) and the others are used for highlighting in my textbooks and for studying. To be honest, I prefer the big ones simply because they don’t bleed through the paper as much and they have the smear guard. I may actually end up trying to fit them in my pencil case.



I only use one kind of eraser, and I’m almost positive that it won’t change. I’ve had these erasers for years now and I find them to be the best. They don’t leave any pink marks on the paper.

Pencil Case


 I do have quite a few pencil cases. The two bright ones I got at Target in the dollar section. The black one I got from Dollarama. It’s perfect and it fits all my needs.

White out


 I’m not picky on the brand of the whiteout but I am picky when it comes to its consistency. It MUST be the liner whiteout. I find that the liquid one leaves bumps and streaks where as this one is smooth in its application. The one that I’m using now is BIC Wite-Out EZcorrect.



This is one school supply that I have in excessive amounts. From 1/2 inch to 3 inch, they are so useful for many things. Whatever I won’t use I’ll find another purpose for. (I tend to sort my paperwork in binders- I’ll be posting on that later on)

Notebooks and loose-leaf paper


Another item of which I have an excessive amount! But then again, I won’t need to get any more for probably the next three years.


Perfect for exam reviews

File holders

IMG_2394 IMG_2396

Still not quite sure what I’ll be using this for yet, but I have a feeling it will come in handy.



I recycle these every single year, yet I keep purchasing some. So I’ve currently got a 2 inch binder full of them. [ Side note, I got the same kind – with pockets – at Staples for like 4 bucks. I got these – pictured- at Dollarama for 1.25$…yeah, not impressed with myself.]

USB key


Probably one of the most important things a student could have. It doesn’t have to be one with a ton of storage but at least you’ll have it stored somewhere in case your laptop crashes. We’ve all been there right?

Sticky notes


I’m only showing you the tabs that I love and that can be found at Dollarama, but in reality I have a sick obsession with sticky notes. I love the Post It kind too!

So there you have it folks. Hope this helps new students like myself to have an idea of what you might need. If you have questions or any comments, please let us know in the comments below or by emailing


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