Tic Toc – time management

Ah time. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? We all have the same amount of hours in a day, but what you decide to do with it is really up to you. I mean, the time will pass whether you do great things or simply sit in front of the TV all day. [Disclaimer: OH MY GOD, I knew University was going to be intense, but seriously, I’m running out of hours in a day here! ] There are many ways to make sure that you stop procrastinating and make the most of your day. All it really takes is about an hour on a Sunday night to get it organized.

Personally, I use two methods: A planner and a weekly time sheet.

My Planner: Oh my goodness do I love this thing. I’ve been searching forever to find the perfect one and to make sure it would meet my requirements. I needed a monthly and weekly planner that was big enough to write down my homework, brain splurge, meetings, assignments and important dates. I got my planner at Indigo and I absolutely love it. It’ll last me until December 2015 which is great. To me, the only downfall is that all the months are at the front, followed by the weeks. I would have preferred that it all follows suit, but it’s the best one I found compared to what else there was out there.


Bi-weekly view

 I absolutely love the fact that it’s bi-weekly! This way, I can see what’s to come without having to flip the page every time!


Monthly view

    Weekly Time Sheet: This is the main part of my one hour on Sunday nights. I’ve put into an spreadsheet the days of the week with the times from 7am to 9pm. Then I blocked off all the fixed times such as my classes and my blog time. Once that was done, I printed two copies, one that I keep to photocopy every Sunday to fill and one to fill immediately. By Sunday, I already know what my work schedule is going to be like so I can simply color those boxes in.  I also block off my studying time, my fitness time, appointments and my already made social events. Everything is already inserted in my planner, but the hour by hour time sheet helps me have a better look at what I have to do and when my downtime is.


Typical Week

So this is really a typical week for me. Blue: my class time (I’ve been really lucky this semester!) Yellow: my work schedule (I also work at times on Fridays 12pm-9pm and on Thursdays from 5pm-9pm) Purple: my blog time (yay!) Orange: my study time, Green: my social time *

*Social time: I use this time to Video Chat M (we do talk every day though), to sit and watch my recorded shows, to hang out with friends and to just have some time for myself. It’s not a lot, but it’s really the only time I can afford away from my studies.

Now some of you might ask, Dom, why didn’t you just get a planner with the weekly hours instead of having both. Well, dear friends, here’s why. My writing is massive. And I felt like I didn’t have enough room to write all my homework in the little boxes. So I write all my homework and my appointment dates in my planner, and in my weekly schedule, I block off my time (appointments, class, studying time, social, blog, etc.) to see what’s available and what isn’t.   I hope this helps! Please let us know what your time management tip is. We’d love to hear from you!


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