nail polish collection + storage

I’m on a never-ending journey to find the perfect nail polish storage solution. IKEA nightstandspice racks, acrylic shelving, shoe boxes, fish bowls. You name it, I’ve considered it. For some reason, nothing has yet to tickle my fancy beyond my current storage choice. I use an acrylic utensil storage divider, purchased at Home Outfitters for a cool 20.00 over a year ago.

I originally planned on using it to store my makeup, however, my makeup collection quickly outgrew it. During one of my annual organization purges, I decided to give it  a go and transfer my many nail polishes from their tired box to the organizer. They’ve been stored there ever since. I keep it in the bottom compartment in my nightstand and this seems to work the best for me. They’re in their assigned space, are in sight, but don’t appear cluttered or messy. Have you struggled with your nail polish storage?

As for my collection, it’s very OPI heavy. I’ve received a few colors for my birthday or Christmas for the past ten years or so. I love that the brush is rather wide and makes the application process that much faster. I throw out anything that’s become chunky or stringy, although I’ve heard that a few drops of contact lens solution or acetone can bring life back to an old polish. Is this true? Can someone verify this for me?! Testifyyyyy!polish shot

toolsI’ve tried to separate my colors somewhat, keeping the nudes, pinks and reds in the larger compartment, then gathering the blues and greens, as well as the metallic and glitters. I treat it as a kit, keeping a bottle of nail polish remover, as well as some Nail Art wipes, which are AMAZING! I swear by these (except when it comes to glitter or chunky polish) and they last! One wipe can do an entire hand, and they’re pleasantly scented. ( Side note: These are a special treat since my mama gets them on her annual trip to the states, at Walgreen’s, sorry to my fellow Canadians) I also keep a nail file and some base and top coats handy in case I have top coattime for a full-blown manicure (Let’s be real, that comes up to removermaybe twice a year). I like to use square cotton pads along with the liquid remover, although I’ve very recently run out and have been content with the wipes.

Although this is nowhere near those huge collections found in salons or with beauty gurus, I think I have a fair amount, and maybe a more realistic collection. Hope you enjoyed!


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