Fall semester pep-talk

Hello to all my fellow students! How ya feelin? Tired? Overwhelmed? Unmotivated? Me too!

The Fall semester is officially in full swing; essays, mid-terms, quizzes, group projects and more! By now you should be a little more settled in, got the whole routine figured out, classes mapped and teachers…well they’re pretty much just always confusing. Don’t know what they want? It’s okay, neither do they.

It can all feel fast and scary, what with due dates approaching and stress levels sky rocketing. Take a deep breath, let’s go through this together.

1. Prioritize. I promise you, this one can save your sanity. It’s all about making decisions that benefit you, and sometimes, that two hours of trash TV really is more important than re-reading your class  notes. Check your schedule on a regular basis and make sure that your needs are met. Do I have time for a much-needed nap? How about some time with loved ones? Will you be getting enough sleep tomorrow if you procrastinate that study session? Be honest with yourself and make sure you understand your learning needs and what you specifically need to do to succeed.

2. Time management. Dom has a great post on how she organizes her time. Some people, like her, like to micro-manage their time and have every minute planned out. Other people, like myself, need a little more breathing room. I tend to plan ahead according to set deadlines and give myself some room to move my schedule around. Neither one is better than the other, it all depends on what works for you, as long as you reach your deadlines and have quality work. You can also prioritize by assignment, leaving the more important or difficult papers for the end, or vise-versa! This can relieve a lot of stress for students when it comes to choosing where to start.

3. Use the resources available to you. Most college and university campus’ offer an enormous amount of student support services, from mental health to essay writing. You don’t have to feel alone and helpless, there are people on campus whom are entirely there for you. Most institutions also offer great low-cost or free activities including group sports, fitness and interest based gatherings. I can’t say this enough, use these resources, they exist to benefit you and your college experience.

Hang on, you can do this!


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