It’s a hair thing

On many occasions in my life I’ve come to the conclusion that I needed a change. Desperately. But whether it be my lifestyle back then, or lack of funds, I couldn’t exactly go and get a whole new wardrobe, or pick up and move somewhere else, so instead, I made the only non-committal change that I could think of.

I changed my hair.

So I thought that I’d share with you the different “heads” I’ve had in the past.



This is the earliest picture that I have. My hair was cherry brown then – this is probably around 2009. Before then my hair had been auburn, brown with blonde highlights and brown with 2 blue streaks. (No clue what I was thinking)

bday bash weekend 140

This is circa 2010 – I went through a black phase – after my trip to Peru, I cut my hair to my collar bone

newhair 009

Since I already had the black, I figured I’d change it up and add some pickaboo blond highlights  – I think that this is still circa 2010.


After those highlights I decided to let them fade. This is 2011 and my hair was like this for most of the year. Just plain dark brown.


By the end of 2011, I was fed up and I chopped and coloured my hair. This is a style and colour that I absolutely loved! I loved the purple hint into the brown. Maybe I’ll go back to it eventually.

patty b's 002

By March 2012, my hair had faded into a cherry brown again. Still really liked it.

ipod pics 008

Mid 2012, my hair was growing and I was back to the natural brown


2012 again


And then I did something bold. Added red and blond to the brown. Probably one of the funkiest things I’ve done to my hair, like ever. This is August 2012.


Which eventually faded, of course. End 2012 again.


And then I just did the unthinkable in January 2013. I went blond. All over.


Which of course, by May 2013 had already faded. But I think this still looks bad ass 😉 Or maybe it’s just my shirt


Nope, still looks bad ass. End 2013

2014 187

Come  early 2014, I went back to the basics.


And finally, September 2014! I haven’t coloured my hair in a really long time and so, pretty much all the blend of red and blond is coming out but only at the bottom. It looks like an Ombre style and I didn’t even have to pay for it!

So that’s my hair style over the past few years. This is my non-committal change and I love my habit, every time that I do it, I feel refreshed and my wallet is also thankful that I didn’t splurge on anything bigger.

We here at Lipstick & Labels would LOVE to hear what you do for a change. Feel free to leave a comment or send us an email at


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