‘Tis the season…

…Not the season you probably thought involved presents and hot cocoa and snuggles by the fire. I mean, yes, technically Winter is now upon us, (clearly Mother Nature had a feud with Buffalo, NY – seriously, that much snow just sucks) but I’m talking more about the mind-cramming, tea-drinking, note-typing kind of season. Final exams are slowly rapidly coming along and I don’t know about you other first year students, but I’m freaking out just a tiny bit. Ok, a lot. I tend to procrastinate like I’m its Queen, but this year I really want to do well and set a goal – which I didn’t do in college – so I’m definitely going to follow Caro’s advice on her midterm post and just apply it for my finals. There will also be lists. There are always lists.

In any case, if we’re lacking in the posts department, we truly are sorry, life is taking over. HOWEVER, keep posted for some really fun Holiday posts coming up!


– D


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