The joys of coconut oil, and why I jumped on the bandwagon

After months of reading Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram posts ranting over the wonderful benefits of coconut oil, I built up the courage to pay 10$ CAD for a large peanut butter jar sized container of the stuff. (This is the best deal I could find locally, thank you PC!)

Since then, I’ve used this mystical oil in as many ways as possible to judge whether or not it:

a) is worth the money

b) is really all that versatile

c) earns the right to belong among my beauty/skin care items.

The most popular use I have for coconut oil is as a makeup remover/cleanser/facial massage.

This video below demonstrates a classic beauty guru/famed makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge performing a cleansing/massage routine. I use coconut oil to remove my makeup and then cleanse my face. When I have ten minutes to spare, or had a particularly stressful day, I watch this video and I feel like a new person afterwards.

There haven’t been any drastic changes on my face that deserve a before and after photo shoot. However, my skin is much smoother and softer. I’ve noticed that my old acne scars have improved, and I imagine that could be thanks to the blood flow encouraged by the facial massages. I’m also impressed that the oil hasn’t clogged any pores or disturbed my delicate acne prone skin. Hurray! I generally use a tablespoon of coconut oil every night on my face, and do a facial massage once or twice a week.

I also like to coat my lashes with coconut oil using a clean spoolie (mascara wand) before bed. I’ve noticed that my lashes break less often and hold mascara much better.

Another use I had for the oil was to use it as a hair mask. I took a shower and instead of conditioning at the very end, I slapped on a handful of coconut oil into towel dried, damp hair. I put enough to properly saturate it. I left the oil in my hair for 5 hours in a ballerina bun while I went on with my day, and rinsed it out with cold water. I recommend doing a very thorough rinse, as some people find that their hair was left very oily, um duh.  I generally put my hair through a fair bit of abuse, dying or bleaching it every 6 months or so, and noticed that this treatment left it feeling smooth, silky, and smelling fantastic! I wouldn’t recommend doing this more than once a month as it’s so rich.

I like that it’s a raw product that isn’t filled with mysterious chemicals. It stores easily, away from direct sunlight or heat. There’s also a certain satisfaction that comes from scooping out this weird gel substance and watching it melt in your hands within seconds. When using this on your face, I would recommend washing it off with some warm water, followed by some sort of cleanser to cut the greasy residue.

I plan to use the coconut oil as a base for a whipped sugar scrub that I will be giving out for Christmas gifts, along with the bath bombs from my previous post! Review to come.

All in all, I give coconut oil a passing grade, with bonus points for smelling delicious. If you aren’t a fan of coconut scent or scented products in general, health food stores sell unscented coconut oil as well. I plan on adventuring further into its endless uses and one day becoming a coconut oil expert, or finishing the jar, whichever comes first.




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