Investing in what you love, and developing your passion.

I admit that for the past six years, I have set aside that which fires my passions and inspires me. The moment I applied for college, I knew that I was in for a difficult journey that would eventually pay off in my future, but that would also limit my time and availability to do the things I love most. Some would challenge that you should study what you love, and that school should then be much easier. I am of the opinion that, although I definitely love what I am studying, and intend on spending the rest of my life doing this type of work, studying to obtain it is 100% not my thing. I went through it, got a college degree, and went on to get a bachelor’s degree as well. I am on my last stretch, with a single, short, and excruciating semester to go before all the trumpets and sirens can announce that I am free, and that I can return to the things I love.

Before entering post-secondary education, I was a young, naive student who worked hard, and invested much time in doing what I love. I was content spending an entire day in cruddy clothes, working on my brush strokes, or transforming a few pencil marks into an elaborate image. I truly loved finding new ways of expressing myself, writing, painting, educating myself on beauty methods, crafts, furniture transformation and more. What I miss most is two things that this brought me: time alone and an outlet for expression.

Although i haven’t cut back entirely from these practices, I’ve had to invest my finances towards tuition, books and transportation. My personal interests took a back burner and had to wait patiently behind my long list of other priorities, such as a steady income and personal relationships. It seems as though, six years later, I find myself craving what I once had, and the thought of nearing the end of this journey fills me with anticipation.

Bedroom organisation

I aged this nightstand, as well as created the canvas on it!

I find my thoughts scattered, I want to try watercolor painting, more furniture remodeling (mostly thanks to my discovery of Pinterest), take some drawing classes, pottery, maybe join a fitness club that I couldn’t afford before. I can’t seem to make up my mind as to what I should do first! One thing I know, is that I feel comforted with the knowledge that soon, very soon indeed, I’ll be able to invest in my passions again, and maybe even find myself within it.


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