Dom’s Summer 2015 Bucket List


This is actually a tradition I do every summer, my sort of mental wishlist for the summer that lies ahead. This year, I’m sharing it with you guys in hopes that it will be a great motivator to actually accomplish everything that is on my list. It may be contradictory at times, but who cares right? I’ll be scratching them off as I go and posting pictures as well.

Go to a cottage 
Go camping 
Go to the beach 
Go to a shooting range with friends 
Swim in a lake 
Take advantage of pool
Host and wine and cheese party 
Host a BBQ party 
Work out and Eat healthier
Play pick up soccer with friends 
Attend a festival 
Go to a concert 
Go on an ice cream date 
Have a water fight
Watch fireworks
Go see a play
Go mini-golfing 
Have a drink on a patio 
Go to a bonfire with friends 
Get tan 
Try loads of new recipes
Go on an epic date 
Watch less TV
Visit the farmer’s market
Go to Montreal
Go to Toronto
Go to a fair
Hike in Parc de la Gatineau 
Have a picnic
Do a photoshoot 
Finish Italy scrapbook
Go fishing 
Watch loads of Disney movies on a rainy day 

What are you guys planning this summer? Let us know by commenting below or emailing us at!


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