Binder Organization

University is quite different than college, or so I’ve learned this past year, and the experience will be different for everyone. In college, I had a binder for each and every subject and I was okay with that. I took notes by hand, received hand outs by profs and made sure everything had it’s particular place.

My method

This time around, I still make sure that everything has it’s particular place, however, I have much more use for my computer and even though it’s true that very little hand outs are given to me during the semester, I still have a lot of pages to print out like typed notes, PowerPoint Presentations and reading material. This year, I decided that I was going to use one (1) binder to file all my notes and print outs and transfer the notes in a magazine holder when the semester is done to re-use the binder again.

 binder organization


About the binder

The binder is a 2 inch binder with clear covers on both sides which allows me to insert my school schedule. Inside I added five (5) dividers, 1 for each class. Instead of naming the tabs with the name of the classes, I simply tagged them as Class A, B, C, D and E so that the dividers can be re-used without having to waste a bunch of tags. (Side note: I assign my labels in order of my classes. For example, if Chemistry is my first class on Monday, then the label will be A)  I chose the “pocket dividers” to be able to place handouts, evaluations, projects and syllabi in them.

Each section will hold my class notes, some PowerPoint presentations, notes taken from the assigned book and my project or assignments.

All in all this keeps me quite organized and I know that everything is located in one spot.

Also, instead of bringing a 2 inch binder to school with me everyday, I have a 5 pocket folder that I picked up at the dollar store that I labeled the same way as my binder. This allows me to simply bring what I need with me to school, should I have some studying to do, or if I have an assignment to give in, without carry the heavy load of the binder.


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