Carry-on Essentials for Long Flights

Carry-on Essentials for Long Flights
Whenever I travel long distances by plane, there’s a specific list of items that I bring with me on the plane. As many of you know, some flights can take up to 24 hours, with or without connections or delays. The amount of items may seem excessive, but when you think about it, they’re really all useful.
There’s nothing that ticks me off more than a purse falling from my shoulder onto my arm or a shoulder bag that is just too heavy to troll around airports and destinations. I much prefer having my backpack. A simple backpack will ensure that you have some back support when you travel as well as space for what you want to bring.
Packing Cubes 
Probably the greatest invention of all time. For me anyway. They allow me to sort what needs to be sorted and keeps everything organized so that I don’t have to dig through everything to find one specific item.
Tip: If you have multiple packing cubes, you can always use different coloured ones to organize your stuff and find the items more easily. Also, Eagle Creek is one of the best travel companies that designs packing cubes. 
When I’m leaving on a trip, you will almost always find me in a pair of leggings. They’re so comfortable and cozy. When traveling long distances, the last thing I want to do is be stuck in a chair for 10 hours with a pair of tight skinny jeans. I pair the leggings with a cozy flow-y tee and make sure to pack an extra one to change in once I get to my destination. I personally prefer to wear a sports bra when I travel long distances simply because it’s more comfortable and not as restraining than regular bras. Socks are imperative on a long-haul flight as well. I’m the type that will wear Toms flats, barefoot, and bring a pair of warm socks on a plane so they can act like slippers. I’ll also bring another pair of underwear to change into when I get to my destination or right before I land. A cardigan AND a scarf for me are a must. I get cold easily (which I hate) and because you can’t always regulate the fan’s direction above your seat, for me, this is a great solution. Also, your scarf can act as a blanket in case you’re on one of those airlines that asks you to pay for them.
Toiletries and Medication
I bring my toothbrush, toothpaste, elastics, eye solution, face wipes, baby wipes, deodorant, a small bottle of body mist, Gravol or Imodium, Tylenol or Advil and gum. These items are great to freshen up mid flight or even when arriving to destination and also to make sure that almost everything that could make you unwell is cured or lessened by items you’ve packed. (I don’t know about you guys, but by experience, having a migraine and nausea for an 8 hour flight – and forgetting your meds – is really uncool.)
Essential items
By essential items, I mean items that really you shouldn’t be packing anywhere else or leaving behind. This includes my phone (my music is on it, so for me it works), my e-reader (cause sometimes the in-flight entertainment just gets boring), my travel/personal journal (I don’t know about you, but I feel quite inspired when I travel and I love having my journal with me so I can write some ideas or notes down.), my passport and its case (duh), my wallet (by the way, I only bring the cards I absolutely need, the rest stays at home) and my earphones (because I’m not about to pay 15$ for a pair of earphones.)
Other items
You would be surprised to learn how many people actually forget to pack items like granola bars and crackers, an empty water bottle (one that folds is preferable), earplugs (because screaming babies and loud snoring seat neighbors exist), an eye mask (trust me, when the passengers surrounding you have the window flap open and it’s day time, you’ll thank the universe for bringing it) and a travel pillow (It may seem useless, but when you’re delayed for hours at the airport or when you’re flying in a straight seated position, you will then again thank the universe for bringing it.)
Here’s the Polyvore list

Fine Collection relaxed tee
125 CAD –

Fine Collection relaxed fit tee
125 CAD –

Vest waistcoat
84 CAD –

Patagonia sports bra
45 CAD –

River Island black trousers
55 CAD –

Comme des Garçons short socks
25 CAD –

Miss Selfridge black bathing suit
23 CAD –

Toms footwear
60 CAD –

Alexander mcqueen wallet
340 CAD –

The North Face travel daypack
96 CAD –

Spitfire sunglasses
50 CAD –

Nixon ear bud headphone
25 CAD –

Burke Decor wrap shawl
23 CAD –

Natasha Couture scrunchie hair tie
9.00 CAD –

Tech accessory

Refresh red eye treatment
17 CAD –

Face cleanser
6.24 CAD –

Bed pillow
25 CAD –

Sweaty Betty Illuminate Waterbottle
13 CAD –


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