What’s in my school backpack

What's in my school backpack
So I know that for the most part most North American students are done school for the summer. If you’d had a year like me, then you’re very glad that it’s now over! BUT I do know that some people elsewhere may not be done, or you may even be attending summer school to catch up or get ahead. Which is definitely cool for me, because then this post is right on time!
The backpack is evidently the most important aspect here. The one pictured above is not the one I have, but it’s really cute one. From my experience in high school and college and lugging all sorts of bags, I passed my phase of “I want to look uber fashionable  with my backpack. The one I have is a plain Roots bag with ergonomic straps and back support. Seriously though, although it’s not the cutest, it’s definitely the more comfortable bag I’ve had to lug around. Next, you have the pencil case filled with the pens, post its, pencils, highlighters, erasers and white out. Clearly needed if you’re going to be taking notes. I have two ways of taking notes; I’m either using a laptop (or anything similar as pictured above) or a notebook. I actually still tend to bring both because you never know when you’ll need a piece of paper. Also, my planner is always with me. It’s where I write down all the assignments, events, due dates, etc. My life is in my planner. I also usually keep a simple folder in my bag for assignments that need to be handed in, or for papers and research I’m currently working on. When it comes to technology, I have my phone, my chargers and my earphones with me. I’d like to note, even if a lot of people forget this, that if I’m wearing my contact lenses that day, I’ll make sure to bring my glasses with me just in case my eyes get irritated while at school or studying. Last but not least, my lunch box. Because no one should go through their day hungry (or hangry) or have to pay a fortune at the cafeteria.

Athleta clothing
37 CAD – athleta.gap.com

Madewell vintage eye glasses
61 CAD – madewell.com

Speck blue iphone case
23 CAD – nordstromrack.com

Vera Bradley dopp bag
22 CAD – verabradley.com

2016 Kate Spade MEDIUM Gold Dots 17 Month Agenda
37 CAD – lifeguardpress.com

Neoprene lunch bag
25 CAD – kohls.com

Blue pen
14 CAD – target.com

Blue folder
13 CAD – amazon.com

Colored highlighter
6.16 CAD – amazon.com

Office accessory
3.78 CAD – smiggle.com.au

Pink home decor


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