Current skin care routine: Caro

Here’s a little background on my skin. I’ve had the odd blemish ever since adolescence. Then when I hit college, I developed more severe acne. In university, it continued, only to leave me with acne scars pretty much all over. Now that the main stress trigger (school) is out of the equation, I’m left with sensitive normal combination skin, as well as hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

I’ve been making an extra effort to focus on bettering my skin, and I can already see some results.

What I’m using:DSC05862

Body Shop Tea Tree line. This line focuses on removing impurities and treating acne, as well as preventing future breakouts. I’ve had a rather long run of testing out products, most being too harsh and making my acne worse. This line doesn’t irritate my skin and has helped it recover from even the ugliest breakouts.

Boscia Clear complexion treatment. This gel formula is meant to diminish my acne scars as well as clear pores. This is the first treatment that has been gentle enough for my skin and has shown positive results.

PC 100% virgin Coconut Oil. Cold pressed. I use this as a first cleanse to remove my makeup and the day’s grime from my face. Not only does it cleanse my skin, but it leaves it feeling hydrated and nourished.

Neutrogena Clear face sunscreen lotion.  I 100% promote sun safety, and applying sunscreen daily is an essential step. This one is formulated especially for the face and has never clogged my pores or broken me out.

Cerave moisturizing cream. This is as basic as it gets, no funny business, just thick, rich, nutritious hydration for the skin.

Korres wild rose instant brightening eye treatment. I fear the day lines carve their way around my eyes,  so until then I use this stuff daily to provide moisture and brightening to those darned dark circles. Remember to apply with your ring finger, the eye area is sensitive, and your ring finger has the ideal gentle touch it needs.

Morning. I try to keep it simple in the morning, Tea tree skin clearing facial wash, followed by the Boscia clear complexion treatment, Cerave moisturizing cream, Korres wild rose brightening eye treatment, and Neutrogena clear face sunscreen. I then follow with my makeup.

Night. I start by using the coconut oil to remove my makeup, I then remove it with a dry cloth. I follow that up with the Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash, then the Tee Tree lotion treatment. This has by far been the most effective product. There is a HUGE difference in my skin when I use it. If I’ve had a rough day or my skin is being weird, I use the Tea Tree face mask, remove with a damp cloth, and follow up with the Tea Tree night serum that helps repair damaged and acne scarred skin. Finally I top it off once again with the Cerave moisturizing cream.  I feel that treating your skin before bed is really the ultimate opportunity since it’s a long period of time without makeup, harsh weather or sun.

I have items that I use less often like the Tea Tree toner, but I don’t often feel that my skin needs it, and keep it for oily or acne heavy days.

This routine obviously changes depending on how my skin is doing that day and the amount of time I have. I realize that it is a lot of products on the face, but this combination leaves my skin feeling hydrated, cleansed and glowing, without breaking me out. I highly recommend the Body Shop Tea Tree line, I’ve already repurchased a few of them and have nothing but positive results!



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