Night time routine: Caro

Now that your nights are not spent studying or suddenly sleeping with your face in a textbook, your bedtime routine has settled down into a rather soothing and relaxing time! Huzzah, you’re a grown up!

I work late, therefore I get home to a house full of sleeping people, which eliminates all the fun stuff I’d generally be attracted to! Here’s how I compromised:

Night time routine

strip down. First thing I do is take off my work clothes, relax my hair and shower/wash my face. It feels good to literally take off your day; all the grime and that stained shirt from lunch. I’ve made a point to spend more time on skincare, whether that be moisturising or following proper face care routine (more to come) and I’ve already noticed an improvement in my skin, which is encouraging!

suit up. After that I slip on the world’s cozziest house coat and put my hair up into a sassy messy bun. The luxury.

wind down. I make a point to check up on the world (facebook) and catch up on my e-mails, before lolling off into a blurr of YouTube videos, all educational of course!

settle in. Once my brain has turned to the consistency of pudding, I make my way to my bed, wishing I had gone to sleep earlier, and counting exactly how much sleep time I have before my alarm rings, which is never satisfying and convinces me to set my alarm back an extra 30 minutes. A thirty minutes which could be spent learning a new hairdo other than messy buns.

track. I have recently been using an app, Android Sleep, on my phone to track my sleep. Before closing your eyes, you press on a single button and the app starts up. It offers lullabies, my favourite is thunderstorm, as well as an alarm that goes off when you’re in the best part of your REM cycle, allowing for a gentle wake up. The next morning you have a graph that shows how many cycles you had thee night before, as well as the amount of time you spent in deep sleep as well as restless sleep. I have to say, I’ve been waking up in a far better mood, and I enjoy analysing the graphs while I have breakfast.

That’s all really, although sometimes while in my YouTube blur, I like to make lists of things I need to do in the near future, and fill out my calendar. Thrilling.


Face care
30 CAD –

VOSSEN clothing
105 CAD –

cute messy bun



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