Fighting acne scars and hyperpigmentation

Fighting acne scars and hyperpigmentation

These products are my current life savers. Now that I’ve got the acne fighting under control, my goal is to reduce my scars and improve my skin’s appearance. Ultimately, I’m working on being confident in my bare skin and rock minimal makeup looks.

The Clarisonic Mia 2 is one of the latest additions to my skincare regime. I use it twice a day along with The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil skin clearing facial wash. The combo leaves your skin feeling clean, and fresh.

I then follow up with the pepta-bright by Indeed Laboratories to treat my scars and improve the texture of my skin.

I use a face mask twice a week, and these vary. I usually use a Lush fresh face mask, as these have proven to be effective yet gentle on my skin. I prefer Catastrophe Cosmetic when I have active breakout, or Cosmetic Warrior for it’s antibacterial elements.

Yesterday, I received a lovely a dream item of mine, a GlamGlow face mask. These are pricey to say the least, but I decided to make the investment and give it a go. I chose the Flashmud since it promises to cater to scarred skin, like mine. The reviews seem promising as well, and I’ll be posting an update in a week or so with my results.

What do you use to fight your face demons?


Clarisonic face wash
130 CAD –

GlamGlow face care
89 CAD –

Clear face wash
65 CAD –

Beauty product
13 CAD –


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