Things I love: September Issue

Fall TV shows. I don’t know about you guys, but come September all my favourite series come back on the small screen and some new ones that I just HAVE to watch. For instance, Dancing with the Stars and TGIT is back!

Birthday. Yep! My birthday is in September and this year, I celebrated with close friends and family and had such a blast. Also, my s.o got me a ridiculously cool Tattoo Adult Colouring book and I am simply in love with it. Colouring has always relaxed me, but now I can focus even more on intricate details. Way cool!


Tres Emme dry shampoo. I have searched and searched for a dry shampoo that would actually stay and take some oil out of my hair, and finally I have found it! This is a great product that works!

The City of a Thousand Dolls. A murder mystery in a fantastical place. Yep. Pretty epic YA novel. AND, it’s a series.

Tomato Timer. University classes started again, which means homework time for a few hours everyday has also started again. This year I’m using the pomodoro method and it’s been great so far. It allows me to actually concentrate on the task at hand, and once the bell rings, I take a five minute break and I switch subjects, or just keep doing my task until I finish it completely.



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