Decoding and planning my agenda

If you’re like me, you write EVERYTHING in your planner. From your To-Do list to your Grocery List with everything in between. Once everything is written down, it’s not always easy to determine what needs to get done by when without marking your whole planner and ending up with a mess. It also all depends on the type of planner that you have. Everyone is different in the way they like their layouts, and for me this year I chose something different in that I can see 1 week at a time with a full page to add notes next to it. Because I don’t have the appointment calendar inside, I had to come up with a way that I was going to make sense of all that needs to be done.

Major Due Dates. First thing first, once I’ve been to my class and my prof has gone over the syllabus with us, I write down all my due dates for my major assignments and exams in red on the due date.

Upcoming Major Due Dates. All those due dates are then re-written a week before they are to happen and highlighted in orange as a warning that this project is coming up.

Starting Upcoming Major Assignments and Studying. Knowing the date of my exams or my assignments, I try and determine a time frame, about a month in advance (if I can) to start that project or study plan. I highlight those tasks in blue and add the word START beside it.

Homework and Readings Due. In university you normally have some chapters to read for a specific class or homework that needs to be done to be able to understand the following lecture. For all those due dates that aren’t as important as exams or assignment hand-ins but still crucial to understanding the class, I write it down on the due date and highlight it in pink.

Normal Homework and Readings. Anything that had to do with normal homework that needs to be done that night is simply left in black or blue ink. This could be anything from read chapter 5 to type up history paper. If it’s something simple, I usually mark it to do it 2 days prior. If it’s something I know might take a little longer, then I write it down for 4 days ahead to give me enough time to revise it.

To-Do & Grocery Lists. I’m lucky to have an agenda that allows me to write notes on the side, so that’s where I put those.

Social Events & Work Hours. These are written in purple.

Meetings & Appointments. These are written in yellow.

Money. Anything that has to do with bill payments or payday I write in green

Done. When I’m done an item I usually just cross it out with a black marker. It’s pretty satisfying.


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