IMG_4391Hey there! I’m Dominique; a university student, creative art lover, certified event planner, customer service professional, avid reader and new blogger.

I’m the Labels part of this blog. The reason is quite simple too: I’m a lister and a planner. I self diagnosed myself with organization OCD. While most of my friends and family laugh at my perfectionist ways, making lists and filling my calendar with events and deadlines brings me great comfort. Bring me to the office section of any department store or better yet, Staples, and you could leave me there for hours. I won’t even notice you’re gone. Although, the same could be said about Chapters/Indigo and Michael’s Craft Store.

On my end, I’ll be mostly posting about the big O. Organization. I’ll also be posting about event planning, school advice and I’ll work along side Caroline to bring you lifestyle tips and tricks, great recipes to try and some crafts to try by yourself, with friends or your little ones.

Should you have any requests, questions or some constructive suggestions, please do not hesistate to let us know in our comments section, or email us at


Welcome to the Real World

How I deal with Anxiety

I’m Moving!

New Home, New Life 

New Year…Same Me

Update on the move [coming soon]


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