Things I love: September Issue

Fall TV shows. I don’t know about you guys, but come September all my favourite series come back on the small screen and some new ones that I just HAVE to watch. For instance, Dancing with the Stars and TGIT is back!

Birthday. Yep! My birthday is in September and this year, I celebrated with close friends and family and had such a blast. Also, my s.o got me a ridiculously cool Tattoo Adult Colouring book and I am simply in love with it. Colouring has always relaxed me, but now I can focus even more on intricate details. Way cool!


Tres Emme dry shampoo. I have searched and searched for a dry shampoo that would actually stay and take some oil out of my hair, and finally I have found it! This is a great product that works!

The City of a Thousand Dolls. A murder mystery in a fantastical place. Yep. Pretty epic YA novel. AND, it’s a series.

Tomato Timer. University classes started again, which means homework time for a few hours everyday has also started again. This year I’m using the pomodoro method and it’s been great so far. It allows me to actually concentrate on the task at hand, and once the bell rings, I take a five minute break and I switch subjects, or just keep doing my task until I finish it completely.



Tuesday Tip




Wherever I go, I always have a small notebook on hand. This way, whenever I think of something I need to do, or I get some inspiration for a project that I’m working on, I always have somewhere to write it down. At the end of the day I take all the relevant information and transfer it where it needs to be, whether it’s my planner or another notebook.

RMTS101 – Roommates Introduction

Roommates Introduction

I’ve heard horror stories about people and their roommates and how they just wanted to rip each other’s throat out.

I, on the other hand, was lucky enough to have an amazing roommate with whom I shared an abundance of laughs, streams of tears, lazy days, movie nights and cooking mishaps with. She was truly amazing and to this day we’re still really close.

I met my roommate in college. We were in the same program and had all the same classes, but we never really hung out outside of school. Then one day during our final semester, one of our teachers asked us what our plans after graduation were and both our answers indicated moving to Toronto at some point and start our career. BAM! We knew right then. At that time we were more like acquaintances, but at least we weren’t complete strangers and wouldn’t have to live through a move away from home on our own with absolutely no support system.

But even before we started packing, we met up and sat down to discuss our questions, concerns and “demands” if you will, or what we absolutely could not live with or without.

I’ve written down a few things to keep in mind and consider when you’re moving out and going to live with roommates.


  1. Meet up and discuss everything you want to lay on the table. Don’t hold back. You may regret not asking about her relationship with that person and have to hear them “together” all night long in the bedroom next to you or hear them argue over and over again.
  2. Discuss your boundaries. You need to make sure they know you don’t want them to borrow your stuff without your permission, hog the couch all day or go into your bedroom when you aren’t there. If those are the cases, let them know!
  3. Discuss chores. No one likes doing them, but at one point, they will have to be done. If you don’t mind doing dishes, then say so. If you don’t mind dusting the entire place, then speak up. This will ensure that everyone is doing their part equally without making you resent them or vice-versa.
  4. Discuss furniture. Write down everything that you have and are planning to bring with you, then compare. There’s no sense in taking 2 microwaves or 2 Panini presses when 1 will do just fine. If you guys are missing a big item piece, decide together who will be buying it and keeping it afterwards, or if you guys want to buy it together and then sell it once you move out. Whatever works for you.


  1. Leave notes. They’re a fun way to communicate when you guys miss each other because of your busy schedule. And sometimes it’s just nice to receive a cute little booster left on the bathroom mirror.
  2. Spend some time together. Yes you both are busy bees, but it’s still important to take the time to get to know the person you’re living with on a deeper level than just knowing what they do for a living. Go out grab a bite to eat, go for a walk or attend an event. Really the possibilities are endless, but you’ll build a solid friendship (or more) for the rest of your life.
  3. Talk it out. Arguments happen. To everyone. So take the time to express your frustration with them if that’s the case and explain why you’re feeling this way without putting blame. The sooner the better too. Don’t wait for another argument to bring up something that happened 3 months ago, that’s just low, and to be honest, you should have spoken up earlier about that specific issue.
  4. Keep your promises. If you said you’d clean the bathroom that day then do it. If you said you’d wash the dishes then do it. Yes, some emergencies come up and every now and then we get sick, but take the time to keep your promises and stay on top of things so that your roommate doesn’t have to pick up your slack and you find yourself having to deal with number 3 again.
  5. Be reasonable and courteous. Not everyone lives the same lifestyle you do. Yes, that means that not everyone likes waking up at 5:45am for their morning workout. So if that’s you, try to be as quiet as possible in getting ready or doing your workout as to not wake your roommate. Also, don’t take all the hot water in the shower. Oh and warn your roommate if you’re inviting people over. You don’t need their approval, but just as a courtesy, so you know, they’re extra diligent in how they’re dressing around the house (and not have a face mask on).
  6. Listen and be there. Some painful moments happen in everyone’s lives. It could be a breakup, a failed class, a rant on how your prof is the absolute worse, or something else. Just sit tight and listen to what they have to say. Give advice if asked and just let them know that if they need anything, you’re there. Emergencies also happen and one of you may end up in the hospital at some point. Go with them. I’m saying this out of personal experience, there’s nothing worse than waiting in the emergency room in the middle of the night alone. Unless that person’s family is around and are meeting them there, grab a book and head over to the hospital with them, call their family or significant other and be patient. You know you’d want that for yourself too.


That’s it guys, if you have any roommate stories you’d like to share, please email us at or comment below. I’d love to hear your stories!


Summer Wedding Series: Bold Beauty

Summer Wedding Series: Bold Beauty

A playful dress paired with bold accessories and touches of gold throughout the look. Fun, flirty, fierce. I love wearing bolder, darker colors towards the end of summer. They make for a fun transition to fall with pieces that can be worn year-round.

Robe noire
41 CAD –

White jacket
35 CAD –

Chaussures à talon haut
26 CAD –

110 CAD –

Kate spade jewelry
300 CAD –

Anne Klein earrings
26 CAD –

Stretch bracelet
6.56 CAD –

Illamasqua false eyelash
31 CAD –

House of Holland nail treatment
28 CAD –

Vernis à ongles à paillette
6.56 CAD –

2.09 CAD –

Cool Summer Nights

Cool Summer Nights

Light fabrics in refreshing prints and neutrals are the perfect match for a cool night out. I absolutely LOVE all these linen and soft fabric pants in fun prints for this summer. The nights are getting longer and cooler, and light layering paired with summer colours make for the ultimate comfort and style combo.

American Vintage t shirt
69 CAD –

Long coat
30 CAD –

Black trousers
48 CAD –

Black wedge sandals
40 CAD –

Merona cross body
35 CAD –

Maybelline face makeup
10 CAD –

7.81 CAD –

Rock Soul

Rock Soul

The perfect casual outfit for those lovers of dark colours, I know I am! Playing with textures and comfy choices, this ensemble is ideal for a day running errands or campus life. Neutral tones and fun messy rocker hair finish the look. This is definitely an outfit based on my daily look!


Black tank top
33 CAD –

Anorak jacket
37 CAD –

Leather legging
6.57 CAD –

NLY Trend ballet shoes
57 CAD –

Topshop crossbody purse
51 CAD –

Black sunglasses
12 CAD –

Nars cosmetic
41 CAD –

Lancôme black lipstick
40 CAD –

Clinique mascara
22 CAD –

Kimono Karma

Kimono Karma

Summer outfits, highlighting kimonos for layering in the warmer months. Providing colour and pattern to summer basics. Rich colours and patterns make for eye grabbing summer ensembles accompanied with fun accessories.

VILA sleeveless top
23 CAD –

Crop top
17 CAD –

Mat satin jacket
86 CAD –

Floral kimono
28 CAD –

RVCA denim shorts
74 CAD –

H&M hot pants
31 CAD –

Converse white shoes
110 CAD –

Boohoo suede shoes
46 CAD –

Summer purse
38 CAD –

Glamorous cross body
51 CAD –