Summer Wedding Series: Bold Beauty

Summer Wedding Series: Bold Beauty

A playful dress paired with bold accessories and touches of gold throughout the look. Fun, flirty, fierce. I love wearing bolder, darker colors towards the end of summer. They make for a fun transition to fall with pieces that can be worn year-round.

Robe noire
41 CAD –

White jacket
35 CAD –

Chaussures à talon haut
26 CAD –

110 CAD –

Kate spade jewelry
300 CAD –

Anne Klein earrings
26 CAD –

Stretch bracelet
6.56 CAD –

Illamasqua false eyelash
31 CAD –

House of Holland nail treatment
28 CAD –

Vernis à ongles à paillette
6.56 CAD –

2.09 CAD –


Cool Summer Nights

Cool Summer Nights

Light fabrics in refreshing prints and neutrals are the perfect match for a cool night out. I absolutely LOVE all these linen and soft fabric pants in fun prints for this summer. The nights are getting longer and cooler, and light layering paired with summer colours make for the ultimate comfort and style combo.

American Vintage t shirt
69 CAD –

Long coat
30 CAD –

Black trousers
48 CAD –

Black wedge sandals
40 CAD –

Merona cross body
35 CAD –

Maybelline face makeup
10 CAD –

7.81 CAD –

Rock Soul

Rock Soul

The perfect casual outfit for those lovers of dark colours, I know I am! Playing with textures and comfy choices, this ensemble is ideal for a day running errands or campus life. Neutral tones and fun messy rocker hair finish the look. This is definitely an outfit based on my daily look!


Black tank top
33 CAD –

Anorak jacket
37 CAD –

Leather legging
6.57 CAD –

NLY Trend ballet shoes
57 CAD –

Topshop crossbody purse
51 CAD –

Black sunglasses
12 CAD –

Nars cosmetic
41 CAD –

Lancôme black lipstick
40 CAD –

Clinique mascara
22 CAD –

Healthy Snacks for Studying

healthy snacks
When you’re studying, it’s obviously very important to focus on the task at hand. And since school is starting soon, I thought I’d share with you some great snack ideas that will help you concentrate and slow your cravings for junk food or a full meal.
Brain Foods
Cashew nuts
Dark chocolate
Sunflower Seeds
Sweet potatoes
Green Tea
Other Health Snacks
String cheese
Lemon water
Cucumber water

Tuesday Tip




If you’re anything like me, my mind spins with ideas, lists of things to do or to not forget. I’ve recently started this method and I find that it works wonderfully! I carry a small composition book and a pen in my purse or my backpack regardless of where I go so that if an idea strikes me, I jot it down and I don’t end up cursing myself for not remembering.

– D

Kimono Karma

Kimono Karma

Summer outfits, highlighting kimonos for layering in the warmer months. Providing colour and pattern to summer basics. Rich colours and patterns make for eye grabbing summer ensembles accompanied with fun accessories.

VILA sleeveless top
23 CAD –

Crop top
17 CAD –

Mat satin jacket
86 CAD –

Floral kimono
28 CAD –

RVCA denim shorts
74 CAD –

H&M hot pants
31 CAD –

Converse white shoes
110 CAD –

Boohoo suede shoes
46 CAD –

Summer purse
38 CAD –

Glamorous cross body
51 CAD –

Monday Quote

Inspirational Quote Typography Print Wall by TheMotivatedType Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful

Lately I’ve been working on appreciating the little things and finding light in dim times. Make an effort to find happiness in the simplest things, in the things we take for granted. Quiet calmness, sunny days, good company, positive thoughts. Make and take the time to be minimal, simple, satisfied. Find forgiveness in mistakes and calm in chaos. Breathe and live. See the wonder in your surroundings, in the perfection of your flaws.