Best websites for students

It’s official! Class is in session! I thought for this week’s post I’d let you guys know the websites I usually use during my school year to get things done. I’m sure that you’ve heard of most of them, but if not, click on the links and discover for yourself why I do.

Easy Bib: Hello simplicity! I love this website! Whatever type of bibliography your prof wants, they have it on EasyBib AND they generate it for you! Simply enter as much information as you possibly can, and voilà!

Amazon: Some of you might wonder why the hell I use Amazon for school. Well my answer is pretty simple: textbooks and  school supplies. As a student, you’re entitled to some perks (like 2 day shipping) and I love it!

Pinterest: I. Love. This. Website. Not only does it keep my sanity in check with a bajillion ideas on how to stay organized, but it also allows me to search items that may not come up on the first few pages of google. You’d be surprised what can come up when you enter “Political Science” in the search bar.

Google Scholar: This is website that I use predominately for research. It allows you to skip the unnecessary babble that would be on the normal Google page.

Tomato-Timer: If you’re looking for a way to stay focused for a certain amount of time, I’d definitely recommend the Pomodoro Method. It gives you a timer set at 25 minutes which in turn gives you a 5 minute break afterwards. For me, this method helps me truly focus on one task, and when the timer ends, I move on to something else. I go back to the previous task if need be.

Keep me out: I like this website because it works on any type of device you have. It gives you a warning if you go on different types of social media used on a regular basis and allows you to really concentrate on your task at hand.

Youtube: Perfect for learning a new language, viewing the most recent news for that political science class, or reviewing cases for your law class. Or even just as a break, Youtube is a great place to have especially if you’re a visual person.

Songza: If you didn’t know already, the music app on your phone is also available online. When studying simply go to the concierge key, click activity and select work/studying. You’ll find a great selection of music or sounds to have as a background noise if that’s what you need.

Rate my Professor: Not sure what to expect for your next class? Want to warn people about a certain prof? This is the place to go! Whether you loved you prof, hated them, this is where students gather to release information about classes they have taken. Let’s just hope that the profs you get are the good ones.

Linked In: The professional Facebook. Need I say more? Connections people, connections.

Pocket: Forget the bookmarks on your computer. Download Pocket to be able to access any file you save on any device at any time.

Mint: Want to make sure that you don’t go over your budget? Want to know if you can splurge on that doughnut, or those shoes? This is the website that allows you to have all your bank accounts managed and alert you of any purchase you’ve made, what you’ve saved, if there’s been any unwarranted activities, etc. This site is awesome! It’s also an app, so you have all the info on the go.


I do hope that these websites help you through your school year! If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear about them. You can email me at or leave a comment below.